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03 Mar 2018

Best information 50 best quality furniture products made in slovakia

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Best Image about 50 best quality furniture products made in slovakia

Best information 50 best quality furniture products made in slovakia - We have selected 5 best of informations and selected articles selectively related to 50 best quality furniture products made in slovakia that we grouped in the furniture to present the information, news, or knowledge that matches what you want or search.

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1). Home - KARE Slovakia

Why teak? The ideal outdoor furniture is made from teak. With or without patina, teak is among the classics in the area of garden furniture. This beautiful hardwood contains natural oils, which makes it resistant against mould and insects. in addition..., From 04 to 09 April 2017 Milan will once more be the undisputed centre of furniture design. The Salone Internazionale del Mobile is the world’s biggest furniture show, and KARE will very much be part of this prestigious design forum. The 2017 furnishing..., Our new collection Vintage Romance shows, how to get a little flavor of the casual country house look and romantic interior style with massive wood furniture for your own four walls. The furnishing idea stays simple and casual: massive and rustic..., For our anniversary we bring the world to your home  today: Panama! Discover secret spots of the city and lifestyle trends  exclusively told by our partners. KARE CELEBRATES 100 SHOPS WORLDWIDE! With 100 shops worldwide, KARE celebrates bold, surprising... Click to Read More

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Best Image and Ilustration about 50 best quality furniture products made in slovakia - Modern furniture shop online.


As we have a new baby member of WTB team, shopping of the baby things became kind of a possession for some of us:D And as slovakia has many creative and skilful people and we like to support small local businesses, we love to shop their original Slovak..., Slow fashion for kids using bio materials. Cute animal and fruit patterns, subtle colors, simple cut and high quality. Their pieces are comfortable and functional. You can buy their products through the Slovak portal of handmade products Sashe or at..., The brand established by two moms who wanted their kids to wear something comfortable, healthy and nice (BTW mile translates as cute). They love playful motives and anything that reminds of the summers spent in the grandmas garden. You can feel..., My Diobo specializes in the baby bonnets. Established by two moms who missed pretty summer bonnets for their little ones in Slovakia. All are produced here in Slovakia, using natural materials such as cotton, linen or viscose. We just love their desi... Click to Read More

Welcome to Bernhardt | Bernhardt | Best image of 50 best quality furniture products made in slovakia

Best Image and Ilustration about 50 best quality furniture products made in slovakia - Welcome to Bernhardt | Bernhardt.


Now it is finally possible to get an Ecocapsule from our limited edition. As a special thankyou, the Ecocapsule Pioneers, we offer an exclusively customized product...., The prices of technologies will change over time. in the first year, we will produce only 50 pieces. If you want to wait for better price (we guarantee that!) or for any other reason, you can reserve your place in the Ecocapsule queue...., Do you want more than one Ecocapsule? Do you plan to use it in a different way, e.g. as a hotel cabin? Do you want to be among the first to receive one? Please contact us...., Ecocapsule is a self-sustainable smart house powered solely by solar and wind energy. It allows you to live off-the-grid, with the luxury of a hotel room. Ecocapsule is your design way to independent housing. It can serve as a cottage, pop-up hotel... Click to Read More

4). Slovakia facts, information, pictures | Encyclopedia.com articles about Slovakia

FLAG: Horizontal bands of white (top), blue, and red superimposed with a crest of a white double cross on three blue mountains...., MONETARY UNIT: The currency of the Slovak Republic is the Slovak koruna (sk) consisting of 100 hellers, which replaced the Czechoslovak Koruna (kcs) on 8 February 1993. There are coins of 10, 20, and 50 hellers and 1, 2, 5, and 10 korun, and notes of..., HOLIDAYS: New Year's Day, 1 January; May Day, 1 May; Anniversary of Liberation, 8 May; Day of the Slav Apostles, 5 July; Anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising, 29 August; Reconciliation Day, 1 November; Christmas , 24–26 December. Movable holiday..., The topography of slovakia features rugged mountains in the central and northern part of the country, and lowlands in the south. The High Tatras (Tatry) mountains along the Polish border are interspersed between many lakes and deep valleys. The highest... Click to Read More

5). Furniture - New Scandinavian Design

You liberated free thinkers of home creation. You who dedicate your hearts and souls to the way you live. To you, who let your creativity thrive and dive head first into everything that is possible. You who set your imaginations free. You who make..., Our designs are made for the picky, the choosy, the ones who know what they want and how they want it. Available in a million ways, and in that one special way that fits you. Only you. You can choose the model, size, cover, colour and material, and combine..., At Bolia, our furniture is designed and handmade in Denmark along with a few selected furniture manufacturers in Europe. Our designs are produced from the finest materials with the focus on quality and good environmental and product conditions...., Regardless of whether you have a question about a product, your order or simply want to say hello. Our customer service is ready via e-mail and the phone and is looking forward to assisting you.... Click to Read More