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I cannot say enough about the great experience working with Veterans United, Craig Brumfield and team. The level of professionalism experienced throughout the entire process was above and beyond. This is our second home purchase with VU, and when my wife and I were looking to build again it was a no brainer to give Craig a call. During our first mortgage process Craig and I established a one-on-one relationship which is important to me. Knowing you have a loan officer that is truly here to help is the difference than another number in the queue. The first loan process was so smooth I had no worries the entire process. When we decided to build again, I gave Craig a direct call to start the process all over again. Working with VU and Craig has made purchasing a home easy, quick, and simple.
We were first time home buyers and Veterans United walked us through every step of the way while making sure we made smart decisions. Their attention to detail and willingness to work with me made this experience a fantastic one. If you could choose a loan agent Samantha Walker is the one you want. She will be your guiding light through a somewhat stressful moment in your life. She was honest and straight forward with me and did everything in her powers to make sure the loan was approved and we closed ahead of schedule. I could go on forever but I think what I wrote speaks for itsself.
It is extremely disheartening to see all the "non approved" negative comments about Veterans United, especially since they all say the same thing that I have experienced. We were prequalified and preapproved, paid for everything as fast as possible so there were no delays, provided all the documentation requested within a day, provided additional documentation to clarify any discrepancies, had to extend closing by a week and yet we are still having issues with underwriting due to the unusual nature of my husbands employment (he is a chauffeur). The sellers have decided not to extend the closing date (again) and we are now losing the house we are in contract. There has been a serious lack of communication from the loan officer and his team. Even though I email them and call them everyday, I might be lucky to hear from someone once a week and then they give me so little information and either don't understand me or they aren't listening to me, that the call is pointless and nothing is accomplished. They have had so much information incorrect on their end (minor ex. Saying my husbands job is 90 miles away from the home in contract when in reality it is about 35) simply due to not reading the documents provided correctly. They have wasted so much time and done nothing for us other than cause unnecessary stress simply because they just didn't want to do their job, absolutely shameful. Don't waste your time with this company because they don't care about you, your service to our country or whether or not their negligence or unwillingness to do their job will hurt you and your family.
Quick turn around. Easy to use website. Less paper which I love. Longer hours for those on the east coast to reach them. Someone was always available to be reached.
Mike, Morgan and the rest of the team were flawless! Always professional, informative, polite and willing to hand walk me through any process! Thank you Veteran's United!!
First time home buyer here, had no idea I would be writing this review from my family's new home. Our experience with Veterans United was super easy, seamless and professional. Joel Gigler, our loan officer, was clear, concise and warm to my family's needs. Thank you so much for helping me experience what it's like to be a homeowner. If you are in need of a home loan, look no further than Veterans United. The home buying process is modern and efficient. Majority of the time we were able to keep the process going on our iPhones. We never felt out of the loop, their team knows what they are doing. Our loan officer was super kind and never out of reach. Our home buying experience was stellar and as stress free as possible. I'm proud to be a member of the Veteran's United team! Thank you so much. The Hoover Family
I've worked with these guys twice and they are outstanding. Every question or concern we had was addressed promptly and I really feel like they care, which is saying a lot considering some of the customer service out there. Adam was our loan officer, so I would recommend him if he is available.
Excellent customer service. Everything was smooth and we were able to close less than 30 days. Angie Sanders was always available when I call. Thank you Angie, Dorthy, and your team for helping close before Christmas.
I have worked with many Veteran buyers in the Houston and surrounding cities using Veterans United Home Loans. All of my buyers have been extremely pleased with the service received. The majority of these loans were able to close in 30 days, a few have needed 45 days and I have been pleasantly surprised with a couple of transactions closing in 3 weeks! The communication and regular file updates is great. Looking forward to working more transactions with VU in the future.
My experience with Veterans United was excellent. We faced an evasive seller, that cooperated only when they saw fit. My loan specialist Winsor Cooper together with agent Matt Suiter make a great team and the home buying process with them on board (despite the wonky seller), was smooth sailing. I'd recommend them to any Veteran in search of a home.
I called to just talk about our situation to see if VA or a conventional loan would be a better option for us. I said I was not looking for a approval and just wanted some information. I said we were not ready for a pre approval and did not know what town we would be living in. The guy says he's going to run our credit just to see our scores and guess what... Not a soft inquiry a HARD inquiry for a PRE APPROVAL. Now it's on both our credit reports and we aren't even shopping for a house for another month or more. Not pleased and will not return.
I was upfront about my entire situation from the first conversation, and had no problem getting a pre approval. I jumped through every hoop, and submitted every piece of documentation they asked for. The entire time I was told not to worry. We were moving to another state, and going to rent our current house. They insisted I have a signed rental agreement which I did not want to do before having a firm approval. I was told this was a must. I found a tenant, and signed off on renting my house out starting Jan. 1st. My spouse also submitted a resignation, and accepted a new job in the state we're moving to. I was supposed to already have closed on our new house, but today I was told I am not being approved. I asked where I'm supposed to live considering my current house is rented, and of course got no response. Thanks Tony, Jeremy and Shane for wasting my time! I'll be calling a lawyer about the whole situation, and believe me I saved every email and phone conversation. They act like they care about Veterans, but they'll literally make you homeless.
We are sitting at the title company a month past our closing date and we are still waiting on our lender to get the paperwork over. It's been lie after lie with this guy. He forgot to put 10k in credits on the paperwork and when my husband called him about it he told him that he had "issues" with our loan. When asked to elaborate he told us that the address was incorrect on the termite inspection.. that was done six weeks ago. According to him our file has been cleared to close for a week but still no paperwork. Our lender has avoided our phone calls as well as the calls from our realtor. Never again.
Sad case I had this type of experience for my 1st time buying a home you assign a loan officer that was TWO TIME ZONES!!!! Away which made it extremely hard to communicate with them they get off at 5pm which is 3pm for me so when I get documents at 245pm my time their gone and I've talking to another loan officer who is not apart of that team and don't have access to my file so by the time I see the email which is usually 10min after I get the email what made me feel ok with working with them was Jesse telling me he stays in the office till 8pm his time which is 6pm my time but that was a total lie and he also lied to me about the lenders credit we talked and agreed that I would get the lenders credit to cover my closing cost which didn't happen which cost me a last minute payout of $2335.80 and it's funny that I seen someone else on yelp saying the same thing happened to her so is this a practice you guys teach your loan officers I woulda quit the loan had I known I would have been dealing with this madness it seems like Jesse was more interested in getting his commission then doing what's in the best interest of the customer because I complained to Jesse on more than one occasion about these issues I will never recommend anyone to use this service and if your currently working with them you might want to have a lender on standby
First off I was really nervous to call Veterans United worried that it was a scam LoL but after talking for a couple of minutes I realized I was mistaken. The whole Veterans United team worked VERY hard to get me where I needed to be in order to close on the home of my dreams and I did. I am a new first time home owner in California thanks to people like Jason Zacks @ Veterans United and I couldn't be more greatful. the process can be stressful and tiring at times but in the end just like jason said it's worth it I can't believe this really happened to me. Sean. L
By far the worst possible experience in home buying. My husband and I were first time buyers and did everything they asked of us and then some and still got feed untrue information and tugged around on misleading timelines. Needless to say this went on for over a month past our original closing date and then we finally called it quits and went with a local lender which they indeed got us into the house within 2 weeks, signed, dated and closed. Luckily, the homeowners were unbelievably patient or else we would have been out of our house. I only wish we would have done that from the start, and that I could advise anyone thinking about using Veterans United to take their business elsewhere. You will be better off!!!
We dealt with the Veterans United Home Loans office located in Lenexa, KS. This by far was the most terrible experience EVER!! Having to work with incompetent people for almost 3.5 months was a true waste of time but also opened my eyes as to how Veterans are really treated. DO NOT USE this company as they appear to care for Vets but in reality do they really after everything we went through with this company. It was very easy at first but then they made everything extremely difficult. To sum up they sent an appraiser from the far south suburban area of Chicago to come to the north side of Chicago and appraise a condo. Obviously the appraiser didn't know the area as he came back valuing the condo much lower than the asking price in addition the others units in the building had recently sold or had been appraised for the asking price if not higher but yet the one unit I was interested in came in almost $50k lower. The appraiser used information that wasn't listed on the MLS and he refused to change it. We contested the appraisal but the SAR denied it after all of the evidence and documentation we provided from other Chicago realtors/appraisers which shows their incompetence. Not only did he use the wrong information but Veterans United agreed with his appraisal. We closed the file after their constant back and forth and ended up using a different lender with better rates and staff that had our backs. We closed within a month after switching and didn't have to deal with any of the hassle we endured with Veterans United. DO NOT USE THEM UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE PISSED AND ANNOYED FOR 3-6 months of your life!!!
I was glad I called Veterans United to assist in my home purchase. They have a great team of people who work together to request the information they need and answer any questions you have. Most eMailed questions were responded to the same day, phone calls were answered promptly. My first home purchase went very smoothly and I couldn't be happier!!
After receiving an unsolicited call from (573- 876-2200) and telling the telemarketer I'd rather be dead than talk to them any more. They called the sheriff who showed up to do a welfare check on my husband, who was at work and hadn't even talked to them. This group is NOT affiliated with the VA, which they admit in their fine print. They are bottom feeders! If you refuse to listen they may make a false report against you. BEWARE!
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