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2018 Best Places to Buy a House in Missouri - Niche

Neighborhood in Kansas City, MO
2 Best Places to Buy a House in Missouri
Niche User: This a fantatstic community and theres proof of that in the growth of homes and businesses that are being built in the arear. The only downside is the amount of traffic can be overwhelming if your not used to city life. This used to be a very quite community but since it has a great school system the growth has exploded here so getting around to do errands can be time consuming. Other than that a wonderful community for growing families.
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Suburb of St. Louis, MO
10 Best Places to Buy a House in Missouri
Current Resident: The Nice and safe area to live! with so many different types of activities and infrastructure. They have so many nice entertainments, like summer concerts, golf course, aquatic centers, etc. There are a huge variety of stores, multicultural eateries, auto dealerships, mechanic shops, etc. In recent years Ballwin has quickly expanded the diversity of businesses and remains a stable environment for local businesses. Recreational centers, parks, and camps help to discover, explore, and keep unforgettable experience, explore talents, interests, and safe values and spirit of the diverse community.
Thank you, the city of Ballwin and to all people who make and keep your character and uniqueness!!!!!
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Neighborhood in Kansas City, MO
11 Best Places to Buy a House in Missouri
Niche User: The atmosphere of the area I live in is great. I see people outside running, walking their dogs, and pushing baby strollers every day in the spring and summer. I remember having emergency vehicles outside our home a few years ago, and receiving dozens of calls from our neighbors to make sure that our family was okay. The people that live in my area are caring and loving. I would live here again if I had to. However, I do see myself living somewhere near a beach as I am from Hawaii and have an urge for the water. Compared to other parts of the country I live in a very clean, safe, and warm place. I see a bright future for this area due to roads being repaved, holes filled, and new, awesome people continuing to move in and call it their home too.
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Suburb of St. Louis, MO
19 Best Places to Buy a House in Missouri
Former Resident: Chesterfield is a great place to live with Parkway as a wonderful school district and plenty of great restaurants and shopping with the Chesterfield Valley. There are a variety of hospitals within minutes of Chesterfield including St. Luke's, Mercy, and Missouri Baptist hospitals. The few downsides to Chesterfield are the real estate costs and taxes of the area and it is on the western side of Saint Louis instead of centrally located. If you want to commute all over Saint Louis, there is only 1 main highway in Chesterfield. However, Chesterfield has so many amenities with shopping, doctors, and restaurants that you can stay within the town itself!
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24 Best Places to Buy a House in Missouri
Current Resident: I have grown up in Eureka my entire life and have nothing but incredible things to say. It was ranked the #1 town in America to raise a family by USA Today, we have one of the top school districts in the state (Rockwood), and for when you get bored we have endless sports fields and a Six Flags within the town. There are many, many restaurants downtown that are family owned and delicious! We are located off of Interstate 44 and along Highway 109, making transportation extremely easy, no matter where you are traveling. We have a Walmart superstore and a Schnucks to make getting anything on your grocery list extremely easy. The housing is incredibly affordable, having 2 story houses in nice neighborhoods sell between $200,000 and $300,000. The atmosphere of the city is incomparable, everyone knows each other, with a smaller population of only 10,000. If you are looking for the perfect town to raise a family or settle down, then Eureka, Missouri is the best choice for you!
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