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2018 Best Places to Buy a House in Minnesota - Niche

14 Best Places to Buy a House in Minnesota
Current Resident: I absolutely love that I can walk almost anywhere for food, groceries, etc... I grew up in a wonderful neighborhood where there was at least one child in every home. I had plenty to do because I live on a beautiful lake and have a five minute walk to a park. The best part is the trail system! It's beautiful and quiet. I also love to walk to the community center to shoot hoops. Shoreview is filled with wonderful things to do and wonderful people.
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21 Best Places to Buy a House in Minnesota
Current Resident: Chanhassen is a strange experience. Nestled in the outskirts of Minneapolis, it is suburbia exemplified. However, on the edges of downtown Chanhassen rests Paisley Park. Yes, that Paisley Park. Prince's studio was always a white, gated, existence that I passed three times a week on the way to dance practice for nearly five years. I never went inside and never saw Prince at the local Target like some were lucky enough to witness. It wasn't until April of 2016 that Paisley Park aligned to its star status. A town that rarely received any recognition was internationally spotlighted overnight. What was once forgotten in a suburb became a monument to Minnesota culture. I still live in Chanhassen. It has returned to its former self for the most part. The hordes of people have all driven home and a purple mural has been painted on the local movie theater, but for the most part, it remains the same. I enjoy living in Chanhassen. The spirit of a dove lingers here.
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22 Best Places to Buy a House in Minnesota
Current Resident: A quiet, safe suburb that is still close enough to the big city, without the disadvantages of living in a big city. Arden Hills is very close to the many businesses of Northeast Minneapolis, and a short way from downtown Minneapolis. Bordering Roseville, a larger more commercial suburb, Arden hills is minutes away from the shopping centers, businesses, and restaurants of Roseville. The area is abundant with walking and biking trails, parks, lakes, and forested areas. It may be difficult to commute if you don't own a car, depending on how close you are to bus lines. There also isn't a large amount of apartment/affordable housing complexes in Arden Hills, though there are many in the neighboring city of Roseville.
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25 Best Places to Buy a House in Minnesota
Niche User: Mound itself is a great area; It's just not my type of great area. It is a quiet small town. There is the local restaurant, local swimming beach, and local school. While the school is great, it's a small class, and I just do better with larger schools. The standard of living is higher in Mound, but not by much. While we're near the wealthier areas on Lake Minnetonka, we're more secluded and on our own. Personally, I'd rather live in a denser area, and then retire to a place like Mound for peace and quiet. Growing up here I wouldn't want to do again, but retiring here would be a good option. Compare to the rest of the country Mound is a quiet suburban town, but not so quiet that you don't know your neighbor's kids. In the future I see this town growing to include more restaurants, trails, and traffic, but I doubt it will ever lose its quiet small town touch.
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