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Rental Income in Slovak Republic | Slovakian Investment Properties

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How much will you earn?� Gross rental yields on apartments are moderate in Bratislava, at around 4.5% to 5.4%.� To define terms, the gross rental yield is the rent the landlord will earn - before taxation, vacancy costs, and other costs - compared to the purchase price of the property.
The gross rental yield in the Old Town is about 4.5%, with smaller apartments earning more.   Returns are not much different in Ruzinov and in the New Town. �The Airbnb market is thriving, but expect damage to your property.�
How much do apartments cost? Apartments in the Old Town of Bratislava cost on average EUR 2,900 per square metre (sq.m.). In the nearby areas of Ruzinov and in the New Town, apartments tend to be cheaper, selling for around EUR 2,400 per sq. m.� You can ´get into the market´ for EUR 120,000 to EUR 350,000.
How easily will you rent your property?� Anecdotally, properties can be quite hard to let. Bratislava is a small place.� Few people absolutely need to live in the centre of Bratislava (unlike in other larger cities).  The number of expatriates, embassies, and international companies in Bratislava is small, which again restricts the supply of tenants.