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5 Nearly Miraculous Ways to Keep Your Toilet Clean for Longer

Cheryl Butler
5 Nearly Miraculous Ways to Keep Your Toilet Clean for Longer
Toilet bowls can be downright difficult to get to sparkling status, which means you end up spending much more time than you'd like crouched down beside the toilet scrubbing away. Here are a few secret weapons from Hometalk Bloggers to get toilets clean faster and keep them clean longer!
Project via Diana @ Anyone Can Decorate
Thanks to its acidic base, this favorite soft drink  is actually a scum fighting hero  when it comes to banishing rings. For .25 cents, you can have a sparkling toilet, with smooth sides once more that delay build-up.
2. Drop in an Essential Oil Fizzing Tablet
Project via Jessica @ Mom 4 Real
Make your own jarful of  these fabulous fizzing tablets  by mixing up your concoction and then packing it into a small soap mold or an ice tray. Once you're finished, store these in an airtight container in the bathroom and drop a few in a day, to keep up a constant state of cleanliness.
3. Use Tape to Clean the Siphon Jets
Project via HomeSpot
No matter how often you clean your toilet, if you're  leaving out this important step , it will get dirtier much quicker. After you've cleaned under the rim well, shut off the water, flush the bowl, and place heavy tape over the siphon jets before flushing down a gallon of vinegar.
4. Scrub the Bowl with a Vinegar Mix
Project via Melissa @ Stockpiling Moms
Instead of mixing up a solution beforehand,  follow this bit of cleaning genius  and pour each of the ingredients in one at a time. This way, the reaction caused by mixing the ingredients happens right in the bowl so that it has the best impact on the grime settled there.
5. Get Rid of Impenetrable Ring Scum with Sandpaper
Project via Sweetwater Style
Before your jaw hits the keyboard, let's clarify—you can lightly sand away otherwise impossible-to-remove stains, by  wetting your sandpaper and buffing gently . Scouring the toilet bowl can lead to further build-up in the future, so this nifty trick should be reserved for the really tough to tackle rings and done with care.
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