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The best saucepan sets 2018: cookware sets to complete your kitchen | T3

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The best saucepan sets 2018: cookware sets to complete your kitchen
From non-stick pans to copper look finishes; we’ve rounded up the best saucepan sets on the market
By Sarah-Jane Butcher
Pots and pans are essential in any kitchen. Whether you fancy yourself a bit of a Gordon Ramsey or simply want something that looks fancy in your kitchen, a good set of saucepans is a sound investment. To help you choose the best cookware set for you, we’ve rounded up the best saucepan sets for the job.
You’re probably thinking a pot is a pot, what more do you need? Before you pick the first cookware set you find, you’ll need to make sure you know what type of hob you have.
How to buy the best saucepan set for you
The most popular options such as aluminium or copper won’t work on an induction hob, and stainless steel looks good but can be pricey; so think about what you want to use your saucepans for. Aluminium is a good all-rounder as it’s non stick and easy to clean, and copper is bang on trend right now. 
For those a bit more experienced in the kitchen, you may want to look at cookware sets with pouring lips, oven-friendly pans and stay-cool handles for safe and easy use. If you want to start out with the basics, look out for sets that you can add matching items to in the future. 
Our pick of the best saucepan sets to buy today
1. Morphy Richards Special Edition Pan Set, 4 Piece
A stylish and functional cookware set for the modern home
+Dishwasher safe+Compatible with all hobs
Reasons to avoid
-A little expensive for a first set
If you want to start building up your kitchenware, then we recommend the Morphy Richards Special Edition Pan Set. Although it only comes with four pieces, they are of high-quality and allow room for you to add more items in the future. 
This cookware set comes with 16, 18 and 20cm pots and a 24cm frying pan which makes a great starter kit for new homes. Each piece has a silicone handle and glass lid for safe, easy cooking, so ideal for 'beginners'. The modern colour choices and sleek design make this the perfect housewarming gift for contemporary homes.
2. Tefal Ingenio Pan Set, Stainless Steel, 13 Piece
A large saucepan set perfect for cooking family meals
+Compatible with all hobs+Easy to store
Reasons to avoid
-Not dishwasher friendly
This large saucepan set is great for cooking big meals. Each of the pans uses thermo spot technology which tells you when the pan has reached optimum temperature and they are oven safe up to 260c so you can keep food warm. 
Although pricey, the extra thick titanium base means that this set will stand the test of time. If you cook regularly for big families, this 13 piece set is your go-to option.
3. Argos 3 –piece Pan Set
A basic saucepan set ideal for students
Reasons to avoid
-Very pricey
This grand three-piece cookware set is for those who fancy themselves a bit of a Jamie Oliver or Heston Blumenthal (and they have the celebrity price tag to match!). 
Although pricey, this is an investment set that is guaranteed to last a lifetime, no matter how bad your cooking may be.
 These pots are pretty heavy duty, but are compatible with all hob types and are oven safe. If you are looking to purchase a generous but useful wedding present, this set from Le Creuset is a timeless gift choice.
5. Stellar 6000 Hard Anodised 5 Piece Pan Set
A large, hard anodised saucepan set for induction hobs
+Versatile set+Compatible with induction cookers
Reasons to avoid
-Takes up space
For a five-piece  set, this saucepan set is an affordable choice which cooks well and can take a beating. It is praised for its durability and the hard anodised material makes this one of the best saucepan sets for induction hobs.
 This set includes three saucepans, a frying pan and one milk pan with a spout for cooking soup or sauces with ease. If the banging and clattering of saucepans is a familiar sound in your household, opt for the Stellar 6000 pan set and you won't worry about your pans chipping or denting.
6. Cooksmark Ceranano Ceramic Cookware Set- 10 Piece
A large copper cooking set you’ll want to show off
+Variety of pan styles+Look cool
Reasons to avoid
-Not suitable for induction hobs
If you’re someone who looks for aesthetics as well as functionality,  then these copper-look saucepans won’t let you down. For those who don’t cook very often, this saucepan set will look stylish on display in your kitchen and are scratch resistant so they’ll never lose their slick look.  
If you like idea of real copper pans but can't bring yourself to part with that much cash, this Cooksmark set is a perfect choice.
7. Lakeland 5-Piece Hard Anodised Saucepan Set
A strong aluminium saucepan set that is hard wearing for everyday use