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03 Mar 2018

Best information 47 best quality furniture products made in poland

Everyone is best at something. poland has been known for its potential and numerous products that make it stand out in some business areas. Find out which of the goods tagged Made in Poland are a hit abroad and why!..., Not all of them, of course, but Poland’s vast and fertile territory makes a perfect opportunity to be the garden of Europe. If you live abroad, it is very probable that you regularly eat Polish apples, cherries or carrots, as according to Eurostat Poland..., When the Polish landscape is not full of fruit trees, it is crowded with… milk cows, which drive the thriving dairy business in Poland. Polish milk, cheese or yoghurts fill the shelves not only in Europe, but even in such remote markets as China or...The MIP furniture is a US company, with an office in New York, which represents consortium of Polish furniture Manufacturers. Our business model is to deliver the highest quality products of European design to the US customers at an excellent price. Generating..., Poland is the 4th largest furniture exporter in the world. Our products are well known for their high quality and low prices. We set MIP furniture to unite the biggest producers in poland and deliver best services to our consumers all over the world...., We provide B2B contract cooperation in the process of fulfilling customers needs. Among our specialists are experience people responsible for the overall supervision of international orders and cooperation between the customers and manufacturers. By providing...

03 Mar 2018

Best information 46 best quality furniture products made in ivory coast

When Mamey Kamara attended the opening of Ivorian chocolatier Instant Chocolat, she instantly fell in love. Born and raised in Abidjan, Kamara grew up exposed to European chocolate brands Cote d’Or and Milka. But through the Ivorian-made treats, she..., “To see young, ambitious Ivoirians makes me dream. There’s a certain national pride in consuming chocolate from home. To me, it’s important to encourage our local craftsmen, but I also enjoy the fresh blend of familiar flavors like hibiscus and..., Africa consumes fewer than 4% of chocolate sold globally, but the region’s consumption patterns may soon change due to the rising middle class. After a decade of conflict, ivory coast is on its way back to being one of West Africa’s biggest success...Ivory coast is the worlds biggest cocoa producer but for a long time it couldnt process the cocoa beans into chocolate. But that, as they say, is history, while "Made in ivory Coast" is the future...., Whenever Yao Cesar Victoria N'Guessan leads guests through his small plantation, his face lights up with pride. His fields lie around 30 minutes from the provincial capital of Gagnoa in the southern part of ivory Coast. On five hectares of his land, he..., This is in keeping with his family's tradition. "Even our grandparents grew cocoa," says the 38-year-old. Like so many other Ivorians, he was brought up knowing about cocoa, but very little about chocolate. "They [chocolates] were indeed in ivory Coast...

03 Mar 2018

Best information 45 best quality furniture products made in portugal

$27.99 Stargazer Lily As the sunlight warms the elegant buds of these most feminine of flowers the Stargazer Lily opens to exhale its wonderfully delicate fragrance into the air.Castelbel is a traditional Portuguese company dedicated to the manufacturing...WHAT had started out as a most formal evening became much more informal and festive when Marvin S. Traub, the chairman of Bloomingdale's and his wife, Lee, broke away from the receiving line and made their way down the department store's wide center aisle..., The honorary chairmen of the benefit committee were the Ambassador of Portugal, Leonardo Mathias, and his wife, Isabel Bandeira de Mello Mathias, and the Portuguese delegate to the United Nations, Rui E. Barbosa de Medina, and his wife, Otilia Barbosa..., About 500 people attended the opening-night event, a benefit for the American Portuguese Society and Cancer Care....

03 Mar 2018

Best information 44 best quality furniture products made in norway

This website utilises cookies in order to secure its features and facilitate browsing by users, pursuant to its copyright, privacy & cookies policy. By clicking on "OK" button, the user accepts suck cookies' use...A question that our store often gets asked is what is the difference between Ekornes Stressless and Fjords Hjellegjerde furniture? These are two Scandinavian or more specifically two Norwegian manufacturers that American consumers..., Ekornes and Fjords are located in Sykkylven, norway which is along an inlet fjord just a little ways in from the North Atlantic Ocean. The name Sykkylven itself is a combination of two Norse words that mean "small lake or inlet"..., The following are specific factual specifications that compare core features and design elements of both Ekornes and Fjords furniture products. This information should help you to better compare the similarities and differences between...

03 Mar 2018

Best information 43 best quality furniture products made in finland

Since the 1970s, finland hasbeen developinga distinctive design style, heavily influenced by nature. Known predominantly for their furniture and glass designs, Finnish designers are distinguished by their material sensibility, clear design aesthetic..., Marimekko was founded in 1951 by Viljo and Armi Ratia, as an extension of their existing company Printex. Their vision was to create a Utopian company that would bring happiness to everyday life through the creation of high-quality products and aesthetic..., One of the best known contemporary design companies to have come out of Finland, Artek was launched in 1935 by four young idealists: Alvar and Aino Aalto, Maire Gullichsen and Nils-Gustav Hahl. At the time, their business concept was to sell furniture...Chairs, vases, rugs, wallpaperthe Finns have always done it with style. Rick Marin checks out the country where modernism first met plywood and discovers a capital city that never looked back..., In 1951, House Beautiful proclaimed a leaf-shaped plywood platter by Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala "the most beautiful object in the world." With its endless, irregular layers of ply curving out from a bisecting vein, Wirkkala's platter doesn't just..., At Stockmann, Helsinki's big, great department store, I bought a lamp by a young Finnish designer named Harri Koskinen. A block of glass, with a light trapped insidea little visual pun on Finnish life, which consists of being frozen and dark for six...

03 Mar 2018

Best information 42 best quality furniture products made in chile

Unlike the late 20th century, when chile was largely associated with oppressive regime, today's chile is known primarily for its premium wines and colorful crafts. If you're fortunate to visit the country's capital city Santiago de Chile, you will find..., If you are going dance cueca, the national dance of Chile, you must be dressed appropriately. You will need a razor sharp straw hat, a colorful poncho, and a stylish huaso jacket. The black knee-high boots with spurs are also part of the equation. On..., In the end, don't forget to visit the Casa del huaso while you're out and about, located on Calle San Diego 175, Phone: 672 4478...Made in Chile. Artisanal products from noble materials are hot than ever in Santiago, Chile's capital. Young designers are creating everything from unique furniture to natural-dye baby alpaca shawls, and from boutique wines to lapiz lazuli jewelry. Check...